ALH 系列高壓軟管泵
ALH High Pressure Hose Pump

Model series:ALH

ALH is our flagship peristaltic pump, built for high pressure applications up to 15 bar, with 16 sizes ranging up to 88 m3/h (387 gpm).

We have combined the best available materials with smart design solutions in order to maximize running time and minimize maintenance. This pump summarizes what we at Albin Pump want to achieve: better Pump Solutions for our customers. Our design enhances the pump’s simplicity and robust principle.

Two shoes mounted at 180° on a rotating wheel compress successively a reinforced rubber hose that contains a fluid to be pumped.

The compression of the hose by the rotating shoes creates continuous suction at the inlet of the pump and pushes the fluid to the outlet of the pump.

The pump casing contains a lubricant that reduces friction and insures the best pump performance with a minimum of maintenance.

The pumped liquid is in contact with only the interior of the rubber hose, thus permitting the pumping of a wide variety of reactive fluids.

◎No mechanical seal or stuffing box

◎Robust, entirely of ductile iron

◎Suitable for aggressive or viscous fluids

◎Dosing of very corrosive chemicals

◎Reversible flow

◎Fully self-priming up to 9.8 m

◎Damage-free continuous dry running

◎Outlet pressures up to 15 bar (220 psi)

◎Very easy maintenance

◎Stainless steel screws

◎Heavy-duty bearings, greased for life

◎Two-year warranty

◎Plug and Play

◎Perfect volumetric flow

◎Close coupled with gearbox protection

◎Low sound level : < 70 dB at 1 meter

  Metric Imperial
Capacity up to 88 m3/h up to 387.4 GPM
Viscosity up to 60,000 cps* up to 60,000 cps*
Temperature of pumped liquid up to 85℃** up to 185℉**
Differential pressure up to 15 bar*** up to 220 PSI***
Discharge pressure up to 15 bar up to 220 PSI
Achievable suction up to 0.9 bar* up to 13.05 PSI*

* Varies depending on the pump dimension/execution, as well as on the speed and on the tube material

** At a room temperature of 20℃ (68℉). Furthermore, it varies depending on the pumped fluid, on the hose quality and on the motor construction.

*** Varies depending on the pump dimensions and on the hose quality

ALH Peristaltic Pump Brochure

ALH Instruction Manual

ALH Hose Pumps Technical Data Sheet