ALH High Pressure Hose Pump

ALH is our flagship peristaltic pump, built for high pressure applications up to 15 bar, with 16 sizes ranging up to 88 m3/h (387 gpm).

ALP Low Pressure Tube Pump

The ALP pump is able to transfer suspended solids, common in the following industries: paint, dairy and beverage, meat and fish processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, waste water and water treatment, chemical and petrochemical industries, pulp and paper, textile, soap and fats, building, ceramics.

AD Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Albin Pump has developed and patented a revolutionary AODD pump. The AODD is a compact diaphragm pump that is able to be mounted in any orientation, to fit in the tightest spaces. Critical components can be quickly accessed while still connected in-line, reducing downtime. The improved valve design has resulted in a reduction in sound during operation.